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PDF Rules for the implementation of the establishment and management measures of IACUC
PDF Application Specifications for Experimental Animal Facilities
DOC Animal Use Protocol
PDF Anesthesia and Analgesics Reference Table
PDF Pain and Distress Classifications
PDF National Cheng Kung University Laboratory Animal Transfer Consent Form
PDF Precautions for The Writing of Applications for Amendment of Animal Experiment Plans
PDF Precautions for the writing of animal experiment plans 
ODT DOC Animal Surgery Plan
ODT DOC Application for Animal Health Monitoring
PDF Application Form for the Establishment of Animal Facilities
ODT DOC Application Process for the Introduction of Foreign Live Animals
PDF Guidelines for the Care and Use of Experimental Animals of the Council Agriculture
ODT DOC Animal Pain That May Be Caused by Various Experiments
PDF Breeding Coefficient Reference Data
ODT DOC Animal Experiment Statement
ODT DOC National Cheng Kung University Animal Operations Laboratory Specifications