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『Taiwan Animal Consortium』招牌


Taiwan Mouse Clinic and Animal Consortium" is a comprehensive animal testing network serving the research community on drug development.

We integrates five national animal facilities: Taiwan Mouse Clinic (TMC), the Animal Image Facility (AIF) of Academia Sinica, the Molecular Imaging Platform of NYMU, the Laboratory Animal Center of NCKU and the laboratory of Phenomics & Diagnostics in KCGMH.

By integrating the expertise of animal facilities, We can provide technical and intellectual consultancy services, as well as services related to biotechnology research, drug development, translation studies, and preclinical validation.

We offer (1) mouse models of human diseases, (2) diagnosis of diseases in experimental animals, (3) pathology services, (4) molecular and animal imaging, and (5) drug evaluation, including efficacy, safety, and toxicity.

Our goal is to help users achieve new drug discoveries and promote the growth of the biotechnology industry in Taiwan.