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Introduction of Thermo Imaging System

Thermo tracer, NEC H2640, FSV 7700

All objects whose surface temperature is higher than absolute zero emit infrared ray energy. The higher the surface temperature of an object, the higher infrared ray energy it emit. This system is designed just according to such principle to generate the surface temperature map of an object. Thermo Tracer equips also optical devices that can collect emission of infrared ray energy from an object and thus to concentrate such energy to sensors. Such energy, after transformation as electronic signals by sensors, is enlarged and shown accordingly.

Features of NEC H2640 are as below:

  1. High resolution as 640(H)*480(V) and surface thermal detection in synchronization
  2. Functions as 1280*1024 photography by visible light, and as thermal image analysis
  3. High sensitive as 0.06℃ and high speed as 1/30.
  4. Wide screen as 5.6" LCD that can display thermal image in high resolution as 640*480.
  5. High-speed as IEEE1394 and interfaces as USB2 that allow non-interrupted data storage.
  6. Detection statement in Word or Excel file is possible by combination of TAS thermal analysis software.

Features of Thermo Tracer:

  1. Non-contact
  2. Prompt thermal detection
  3. Sensitive reaction. Direct visual detection.

Applications of Thermo Tracer:

  1. R & D
  2. Qualification guarantee during the processes
  3. Equipment maintenance and predictive maintenance
  4. Safety guard by monitoring
  5. Medical diagnosis

Clinical Indications and Diagnosis Ranges:

  1. Pathology of Epidermis–scopes and ranges of burn and frostbite, abnormal circulation of epidermis as well as observation of survival and healing processes of new tissues after skin transplantation operation, skin temperature variations during treatment of radioactive rays and optimal area under excision operation.
  2. Pathology of Pain- hand and neck pain, low back pain that is due to muscles or nerves, sciatica, lower leg pain, arthralgia, sprain and tendinitis etc.
  3. Pathology of Nerve-facial paralysis, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, RSD and Multiple Sclerosis on nerves endings.
  4. Pathology of Muscle-polymyositis, tendinosis, Musclar Atrophy, collagen disease, lower back pain, scoliosis, sport injury.
  5. Pathology of Vascular Dementia-arteriosclerosis, identification between vascular headache or tension headache, scope and severity of blood capillary circulation abnormal that is a symptom of diabetes, Raynaud’s syndrome, blood circulation status of graft.
  6. Early Diagnosis of Superficial Tumor- the surface thermals of malignant tumor is 0.5℃一1.0℃ higher than which of benign tumor, such as breast cancer. According to statement of literatures, if thermal images, by infrared ray, of one pair of breast are asymmetric, the morbidity of breast cancer is 10 times higher than averages. This system offers early diagnosis for breast cancer, thyroid cancer and skin cancer.

Thermo-tracer Thermo-tracer