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Physiological Features - Rat

Pregnancy Duration 21~23 days
Average Estrus Time 14 hours
Period Duration 4~5 days
Breeding Season All year around
Feed Consumption Per Day 10g/100g/day
Breeding Starting Age: Male 65~110days
Breeding Last Age: Female 65~110days
Average Count of One Litter 8~12
Average Birth Weight 5~6 grams
Initial eyes opening until weaning 10~12days after birth
Average Weight: Male / Adult 450~520 grams
Average Weight: Female / Adult 250~300 grams
Breeding Duration: Male 12~14 months
Breeding Duration: Female 9~11 months
Weaning Age 21 days
Life Span 2.5~3.5 years
Respiratory Rate 75~115/per time/per minute
Blood Pressure (High/Low) 84~134mmHg
Heart Rate 250~450/per time/per minute
Normal Body Temperature 35.9~37.5℃
Erythrocytes (million/mm³) 7~10
Hemoglobulin 11~18 grams/100 mm³
Hematocrit (Hct) 36~48%
Platelets 500~1300(thousand/mm³)
WBC Differential Count (thousand/mm³)
WBC Total Count 6~17
Polymorphonuclear leukocyte, PMNs 9~34%
Eosinophil;Eos 0~6%
Basophils 0~1.5%
Lymphocytes 65~85%
Monocytes 0~5%