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Notice for Polyvalent Antiserum Production from Rabbit

  1. Option of Adjuvant: For fist shot, Complete Freund’s Adjurant (CFA) should be the choice; as to the following supplementary, Incomplete Freund’s Adjurant (IFA) should be applied or just antigen alone is acceptable.
  2. Injection Amount
      Maximum per local Injection Total Injection Amount
    ID 0.05-0.1ml 0.5ml
    SC 0.25-0.5ml 2.5ml
    IM 0.25-0.5ml 1.0ml
  3. Immune times and Frequency
    • 10 to 45 days between each of immune
    • Generally, immune is at least twice; 4 to 8 times is the maximum.
  4. Blood Collection Amount and Frequency
    • Blood that equals to 1% weight is the maximum blood collection amount per week.
    • If higher blood collection amount or frequency is required, hematocrit should be under exams weekly as the criteria for the possibility.