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Introduction of Micro-CT

Micro-CT, , with type code as SKYSCAN 1076, equipped by Laboratory Animal Center, Medical college, National Cheng Kung University, is featured as below:

  1. Image retrieves by way of cone-beam.
  2. Three image resolution options, including 9, 18 and 35 μm
  3. X ray energy option ranges between 20~100kV, 10W.
  4. Maximum volume of testing sample(in vivo): Diameter as 60mm and length as 190mm for field of view, with conditions of 15μm as its image resolution
  5. Filter options as Ti 0.025mm, Al 0.5mm and Al 1mm.
  6. Isoflurane-equipped, with functions of real-time physiological monitoring, including heart rate, respiratory and body temperature.
  7. Optical camera that can by real-time monitors status of living creatures or testing objects inside the machine.

Application of Micro-CT

  1. Bone
  2. Oncology
  3. IBD(inflammatory bowel disease)
  4. Brain
  5. Cardiovascular
  6. Kidney
  7. Lung
  8. Dental
  9. Multimodality
  10. Zoology