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Common Problems Q&A

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), NCKU

Q1: How do I apply for the experimental animal plan?
A1: Go to the NCKU Animal Center Management System and apply in accordance with the review process.
Q2: How long does it take from sending out the application to passing the review?
A2: Because the entire operation process takes about 30 days (or longer), researchers are requested to self-assess the deadline for the receipt of the plan book and send it as soon as possible.
Q3: At what stage has my plan book been reviewed?
A3: To NCKU Animal Center Management System> IACUC application review management query, if you have any questions, please call # 5660 to inquire.
Q4: I don't know how to operate the animal center management system?
A4: If you have any questions, please call # 5660.
Q5: I do not have an account in the animal center management system, how do I apply?
A5: Go to the login page of the NCKU Animal Center Management System, click the system application and follow the instructions on the page.

Taiwan Animal Consortium

Q1: How to find the system URL?
Q2: Do teachers need to register in the system?
A2: Both the plan host and the person who handles the purchase of services need to register in the system. In order to make the application process smoothly, please be sure to designate students or assistants as the main contact person to handle those purchases.
Q3: Can only the Ministry of Science and Technology plan to buy points?
A3: You can apply for any plan that has funds to pay for, such as the MOST, the NHRI, the MOHW, industry-university cooperation, and in-hospital plan.
Q4: Can only one project be established on the LIMS system?
A4: Not only one plan can be established. You can establish different plans on this system.
Q5: The project information has been built, why can't I buy points?
A5: The project data review is processed by Taipei headquarters, and the processing time can be completed in about 1-2 days.
Q6: Where can I download the consent form?
A6: There is a download link in the mail which will be sent when services have been approved or you can download the consent form on the LIMS system.
Q7: Can I reserve the instrument usage time after purchasing the service?
A7: Expenses need to be written off first.
Q8: How to pay for the services?
A8: The fees can be directly paid in NCKU or paid to the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Detailed methods are here.
Q9: PI  has always received TAC notification mails, how to reduce TAC notification letters?
A9: You can set up through attaching file, but PI will never receive purchase points and experiment application notification mails.