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Traffic Information

Driving by yourself (national road route)

Go south:

Go south on No. 1 National Highway turn right at Dawan Interchange along Fuxing Road then take Xiaodong Road go straight to reach our hospital.

[If you go south from No. 3 National Highway, turn to No. 8 National Highway (westbound), you can take No. 1 National Highway (southbound)]

Go north:

Go north on No. 1 National Road Turn left at Xiarende Interchange Go straight along Taimen Road (westbound) towards Tainan City Turn right at Yuhuahuadong Road (northbound) Turn left at Xiaodong intersection .

From National Road No. 3, go north, turn to No. 86 Expressway (westbound), you can take National Road No. 1 (northbound)

By train

After getting off at Tainan Station, take the University Road from the exit of the back station turn left at Shengli Road turn right at Yuxiao East Road for about 100 meters. On the left is the entrance to the Chengxing Campus of the Medical College.

By high-speed rail

If you take the Taiwan High Speed Rail to Tainan Station, you can take the Taiwan Railway to Tainan Railway Station. From the exit of the back station, take the university turn left at Yusheng Road turn right at Yuxiao East Road for about 100 meters Area entrance.